Alabama Adjustable Tension Nipple Clamps

If your nipples like to be nipped, clamps are a great addition to your toy box. There are many different types of nipple clamps, so whether it’s clover clamps, nipple sticks, weighted, or adjustable clamps, there will be a pair that pleases even the most discerning nipple.

I’ve used a variety of nipple clamps, both purpose-made and household objects like bulldog clips and clips from a coat hanger for trousers and skirts, but I didn’t actually own any nipple clamps when I bought these.

Nipple clampsI chose the Alabama Adjustable Nipple Clamps for two reasons. Firstly, I wanted a pair of adjustable clamps because my experiences with bulldog clips taught me that my nipples don’t love pain as much as the rest of my body. Secondly, my collar, cuffs and gags are all black and I wanted my nipple clamps to match. I know the colour of a toy shouldn’t be a major deciding factor, but when I’m trying to decide between two similar products, I will always go for the one that look nicest.

I bought these clamps as part of the 3 for £15 bondage deal at Lovehoney, along with the Bondage Boutique Extreme Rattan Cane (you can read my review here), and a purple bondage candle. It’s a fantastic way of trying out a few new things without breaking the bank, but you are choosing from the lower price bracket and sometimes that equates to poor quality. Unfortunately, this was true with these clamps.

The first pair I was sent wouldn’t tighten due to the hole where the screw fits being too big. I contacted Lovehoney and, as always, they quickly sought to resolve the issue. My replacement pair were with me just a couple of days later. The second pair didn’t have the same fault but it was obvious the quality of the build wasn’t great.

First use

The way you apply them to nipples is intuitive. To open up the clamps you just turn the screw and to close them, you turn the screw the other way. They are very easy to use but if hands get lube-y, it becomes much trickier.

Once I had successfully attached the clamps to my nipples I began to enjoy the pinch. The squeeze on my nipples was cushioned by the plastic covering which not only takes the edge of the pain but also means there is no risk of broken skin. At first it was a fairly gentle compression, as the clamps cover a larger surface area that some other clamps. I left them on for 15 minutes, gradually tightening them more, and by the last couple of minutes I felt the radiating heat of pleasure/pain really build. When I removed them, I experienced a moment of pain as the blood rushed back into the tissue. All in all, I was satisfied with my experience.

Repeated Use

Sadly, the positive experiences with the clamps were not to last. Whereas on my first use they remained firmly in place (although not if you tugged on the chain), by the fifth use one wouldn’t even remain in place long enough to put the other one on. I can only assume the screws started to loosen themselves with repeated use.

There are some other nipple clamps with higher ratings in the 3 for £15 so if you are considering taking advantage of that deal, I would suggest trying a different type.

Positives: The colour, they give a pleasurable pinch when they actually stay in place, part of the 3 for £15 bondage deal at Lovehoney
Negatives: Won’t stay on my nipples.
Who should buy these: I wouldn’t recommend them but perhaps they might suit people with larger nipples.
Price: £9.99 from Lovehoney or part of the 3 for £15 bondage deal.
Alternatives: This nipple and clit clamp combo is £9.99 or pay a little more and get the DOMINIX deluxe weighted nipple clamps for £14.99

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