How risky is ass to mouth?

Gross? Exciting? Intriguing? Don’t have a clue what it even means? Whatever your thoughts on ass to mouth, it doesn’t hurt to know the facts.

What is ass to mouth?

Ass to mouth (or ATM) refers to a sex act where the penis is removed from the receptive partner’s anus and then immediately inserted into the receptive partner’s mouth.

Variations include:

-the penis being removed from the receptive partner’s anus and then being inserted into another person’s mouth (ass to other mouth)

-using a dildo or butt plug in place of the penis

Why would anyone do it?

Why does anyone do any sex act? They enjoy it! Lots of people like sex acts because they are considered dirty or taboo and you don’t get much dirtier than going ass to mouth. For some people, like me, ass to mouth feeds into a degradation fetish. Allowing a partner to go ass to mouth can be part of a D/s scene but you certainly don’t need to be into BDSM to enjoy it.

On a purely practical level, ass to mouth means you don’t have to stop to clean up between anal and oral sex.

Isn’t it dirty?

In addition to being psychologically “dirty”, there is no getting around the fact that the rectum isn’t exactly the most hygienic part of the body. As long as you are clean down there, the chance of getting faeces in your mouth is minimal but there will be tiny particles that even douching can’t get rid of.

What are the risks?

The risks vary greatly depending on whether you are going from ass to own mouth or ass to other mouth.

Risks of ass to own mouth

This might come as a surprise but ass to mouth is extremely safe. There are no risks in ass to own mouth, other than the usual risks of contracting an STIs from oral and anal sex (which would exist even even if you didn’t go from ass to mouth). Any nasty infections will be things you already have so you can’t reinfect yourself. The only potential risk is if your partner or the toy has been in someone else’s anus or vagina immediately beforehand.

Risk of ass to other mouth

This is where things get risky. No amount of showering or douching is able to remove every particle of faeces and washing won’t remove STIs.

The anally receptive person has the usual risks for anal sex and the person who puts their penis in the other people’s mouth and ass has the usual risks for oral and anal sex.

The person sucking the cock after it has been in the other person’s ass is exposed to the standard risks of oral sex, but they also have the same risks as if they had rimmed the anally receptive person. Bacterial infections, sexually transmitted infections, hepatitis (especially hepatitis A) and parasites have the potential to be transmitted. HIV could theoretically be contracted from ass to other mouth as HIV is abundant in rectal mucus, but the risk is low. Hepatitis C is a risk if the anal sex caused there to be blood from injuries or micro-tears (even traces of blood too small to be seen).

Of course, these are only risks if the person has an infection or parasite but people might not have symptoms, might not have noticed the symptoms or may not have symptoms yet.

How can the risks be reduced?

Thankfully, there are ways to make ass to other mouth safer. If the anally insertive parson uses a condom for anal sex they can remove it before moving to the other person’s mouth. To be even safer they could put on a new one for the oral sex, which will protect both people from the risks associated with oral sex.

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