Battle of the Satisfyers

I’m always looking for toys that add value to my collection rather than simply being minor variations of toys I already own so of course I had to get my hands on one of the new wave of clit sucker toys. I was grateful Satisfyer sent me three different models to test out because it meant I could do a direct comparison. If you are interested in seeing if a Satisfyer will do what it says on the tin then hopefully this review will help you decide which one to go for.

First impressions

The Satisfyer Pro 2 and Satisfyer 2 feel quite cheaply made but, considering the considerable price difference between Satisfyers and Womanizers, it’s a compromise I’m more than willing to make. The Pro Penguin feels a little sturdier to me.

Satisfyer models

I prefer the colour and shape of the Pro Penguin, but in use that shape is not much use. The Pro 2’s rose gold isn’t my cup of tea and the same colour pops up as an accent colour on the Satisfyer 2. The Satisfyer 2 really fails at looking inviting. If I was going on first impressions alone I would probably pick the Pro Penguin and the Satisfyer 2 would be my last choice but there’s a reason they say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover…

What do they feel like?

Having your clit sucked during oral sex is probably a good approximation. It’s not as forceful as a human sucking but that’s not surprising given they use pulsating air rather than suction to get the sensation. I think it’s got a a bit of a tickle thrown in but it’s not annoying to me (and I have a very picky clit).

It’s definitely a different sensation to a vibrator and, unlike many vibrators, it takes me a while to experience numbness.

Batteries or USB?

Satisfyer chargerThe Pro 2 and Pro Penguin both come with magnetic USB chargers. The Satisfyer 2, however, caused me to spend 45 minutes looking for AAA batteries.

The heads

The silicone heads are all removable so it’s easy to clean them. All the models are the same in that sense. The difference is in the size. The Satisfyer 2 has the largest head while the Pro Penguin is so small it is difficult to get it to remain encasing my clit when in use. The Pro 2 falls somewhere in the middle. The Satisfyer 2 definitely gets my vote when it comes to head size. I like that it comfortably covers my clit and having a bit more space means the sensations cover a broader area and I get a good seal. Satisfyer heads


Despite what they claim, none of these toys are quiet. Before getting a good seal they are really loud so if you house share you really want to put on some music. The noise would fit right in with some industrial. Once in place the noise decreases considerably but there is no way of getting to that point without dealing with the racket. The Satisfyer 2 is the noisiest of the bunch.

Ease of use

Both the Pro 2 and the Pro Penguin only have one button. This means you have to cycle through all the speeds to get to the one you want and if you miss it you have to go round again. This set up is incredibly common but it never stops being annoying. The Satisfyer 2, for some unknown reason, has directional buttons which spare you from having to handle the top settings to get to the lowest. I really don’t understand why they don’t all have directional buttons but since they don’t, it’s a huge tick for the Satisfyer 2.

Satisfyer 2 directional buttonsI don’t find any of them particularly ergonomic but if I had to choose the Satisfyer 2 is the most comfortable for me to hold. They claim that Satisfyers can be used hands-free but if I didn’t hold it in place I found I lost suction.


Much to my surprise, the Satisfyer 2 beat the other models on power. It’s pretty intense even on the lower levels but not unpleasant. I liken the Satisfyer 2 to a diligent worker hammering away. It’s not elegant but it’s very effective. The thuddy pulsations are exactly what I need and I don’t even have to make use of the higher settings.

The Pro Penguin and Pro 2 are a bit more gentle but they also lose some of the hammering thud. For some that might be a bonus but I personally prefer the Satisfyer 2.

Would I recommend buying a Satisfyer?

Yes, I definitely think they add something different to your toy box. If you have been wanting to try a Womanizer but have been put off by the price then a Satisfyer is a great solution. All of the Satisfyers are considerably cheaper than a Womanizer. They are also all waterproof which is a huge advantage over the Womanizer.

And the winner is…

The unexpected winner is the battery powered Satisfyer 2. It’s the cheapest of them all which is even better. The Pro 2 comes in second place due to having a larger head than the Pro Penguin, while the pretty looking Penguin can’t get by on its looks alone and trails behind in third place.

1st place: Satisfyer 2 (£39.99 at Bondara)

Satisfyer 2

2nd place: Safisfyer Pro 2 (£59.99 at Bondara or £69.99 at Lovehoney)

Satisfyer Pro 2

3rd place: Satisfyer Pro Penguin (£54.99 at Bondara)

Satisfyer Pro Penguin

I received all three Satisfyers for free from Satisfyer, in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

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