Companies I like

Companies I like


I buy most of my sex toys from Lovehoney because of their amazing returns policy. Whereas most retailers only let you return something if it is unopened or faulty, Lovehoney have a 365 day no quibbles return policy. In general I love everything I buy from them but the returns policy means I can buy lingerie and fetish wear without worrying that I’ll be stuck with it if it doesn’t fit or doesn’t suit me.


Honour has a place in my heart because it was where I bought my first ever kinky item, a pair of leather cuffs. I’m still using them over eight years later which I think is evidence their products are high quality. They have a great range of sex toys and bondage items, but where they really stand out to me is their fetish wear. Whether you are after something to wear in the bedroom or something to wear to a fetish club, they have you covered.


If you want want latex clothing that is more art than clothing, look no further. I don’t own anything from Libidex but I intend to at some point in the future. I find myself lusting after their latex on a regular basis.

Freedoms Shop

Who doesn’t want cheap condoms and lube?! Freedoms Shop is an NHS sexual health promotion initiative run by Central and North West London Foundation Trust. (CNWL). If you live in the UK then you can take advantage of the discounts. They offer free standard delivery or next day delivery for £3.99. I honestly can’t recommend them enough. I bought 144 condoms for £13.75!

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