ETO Show 2016 BlogSpot Prize Draw

I was amazingly lucky and won the BlogSpot Grand Prize Draw at the ETO Show 2016. I’ve written a little bit about it here but I decided to do a separate post so I could write a detailed list of what the prize contained and link to all the brands and individuals who donated prizes. Thank you to the BlogSpot Team (Horny Geek Girl, Voluptasse and Cara Sutra) for organising the prize draw.

ETO Show 2016 BlogSpot Prize

Sheets of San Francisco Printed Funsheet RRP £159

Die Cast Doxy Wand Vibrator from Doxy Massager£149.99

L’Amourose ROSA Emerald Vibrator from Velvet Fleurs RRP £125

£100+ bundle of lubes and gifts from Give Lube (Cheeky Weekender Sexy Pleasure Kit £9.99, Cheeky Weekender ‘Love Affair’ Sexy Pleasure Kit £14.99, Cheeky Weekender Ultimate Sexy Pleasure Kit £19.99, Give Lube Flavoured Oral Pleasure Gel Raspberry Kiss 100ml £9.99, Give Lube Flavoured Oral Pleasure Gel Cheeky Cherry 100ml £9.99, Give Lube Super Thick Anal Lube 200ml £14.99, Give Lube Aqua Gel Midi 100ml £8.99, Give Lube Silicone+ 100ml £11.99)
Total: £100.92

The Swan Wand Vibrator from AmazingO UK £99.99

Kink Craft Limited Edition Suede & Leather Flogger (swapped for a blue and black paracord flogger as I am vegan) from Kink Craft £70

Nexus Sparta Prostate Massager from Nexus Range £70

Nexus Femme Cadence from Nexus Range £99

Intimate Melody LAVA 3 in 1 vibrator $96 (£67)

The Pulse 2 Duo from Hot Octopuss RRP £89

We Vibe Nova from Simply Sutra £98.95

Massive Rocks Off Ltd bundle (Rise £79.99, Ruby Glow £39.99, Wild Boy £49.99, Rapture £60)

Fantasy by Cara Sutra Beginner’s Bondage Kit (Red or Black) from Cara Sutra RRP £69

Flavoured Lube Gift Set (£9.95) and Bosom Booster (£59.95) from System JO (£69.90 total)

LELO Insignia Lyla 2 from £109

LELO Mona Wave from £109

Kinky Monkey Limited Edition Silver Harness £60

DEV experience of your choice to the value of £50.00, from esensual books

Nexus Anal Starter Kit from HornyGeekGirl RRP £40

Voucher to use at Scarlet in Chains £40

Rocks Off Lal Hardy Hearts & Roses RO-160mm Vibrator from Red Divine £26.99

Tease Game from Peachy Keen UK £24.99

DONA by JO Be Romanced Gift Set in Naughty £24.99 from System JO

Erotic Rabbit Vibrator (RRP £30) and Hot Kiss Cherry Lube (RRP £10) from Carvaka Sex Toys

Pastel Blue Adam Dildo from GODEMICHE £20

TENGA Lovers Egg Limited Edition (£12) and TENGA Egg Lotion Lube (£12) from J’Aime Store

Signed copy of The Honey Peach Affair by Dale Bradford £7.99

Signed copy of How A Bad Girl Fell In Love by Girl On The Net £6.29

A Clockwork Butterfly trilogy by Tabitha Rayne in paperback version (A Clockwork Butterfly £9.20, Taking Flight: Volume 2 £6.99, The Meeting Point: Volume 3 £6.99) £23.18 total value

Veuve Clicquot Champagne Rosé £40 & Thorntons Classic Collection Chocolates £10 (£50 total) from the BlogSpot Team

Nemesis Now Goblin Tree Fairy, mug and heart shaped egg pan from Cara Sutra

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