FunToys GRing and GPlug

I met Marco from FunToys at the ETO show back in June. He caught my eye because he was dressed as a Roman legionary, but he kept my attention by showing me FunToys’ innovate range of toys. FunToys generously offered to send me one of their GPlugs and the GRing to test out. After looking at both sizes of their butt plugs, I opted for the large.

First impressions

GPlug and GRingAnyone who has read more than a couple of my reviews will know that I’m not exactly a novice when it comes to anal play. In fact, it would probably be more accurate to say I’m a bit of an anal slut. That has never felt as apparent as when I held the large plug in my hand and wondered where the rest of it was. It isn’t small, but experienced anal toy users would probably consider it to be medium sized. Beginners would feel their sphincter contract just looking at it, but it’s perfect for those who are moving on from beginners toys.

I was impressed by the smooth silicone. I love silicone, not only because is it body safe and easy to sterilise, but also because it has a bit more give than glass or metal. Even fairly firm toys like the GPlug are quite forgiving when it comes to inserting them.

I love the elegance of the dark blue plug, but the bright pink GRing seems out of place next to it. The pink is fun and girly, but I’m not exactly a girly girl so it wouldn’t have been my first choice. Both come in blue and pink and I think they would look like more of a set if they were both the same colour.


GPlug charger
The GRing and GPlug come with storage bags

Both the GRing and GPlug are rechargeable via a USB cable. I’m rubbish at remembering to buy batteries so this is a huge plus for me.

Switching it on and off

The GPlug can either be used on its own or with the GRing. The GRing can also be used on its own.

To use the plug on its own, press the button on the bottom of the plug and keep pressing to cycle through the six vibration patterns. It isn’t possible to change the strength of the vibrations so you have to use it on the highest setting. To turn it off, just press it once more.

To use the GRing on its own, press the + button. The middle button cycles through the settings and, intuitively, the + and – buttons change the strength of the vibrations.

To use the GRing and GPlug together, press the button on the bottom of the GPlug for two seconds. It will start flashing to let you know it is in remote mode. Then press the + button on the GRing and follow the instructions above to control the patterns and strength of the vibrations. The plug and ring will vibrate in the same pattern and strength. To turn this function off, press the middle button of the GRing for three seconds. To turn the ring off press the the + and – buttons at the same time.


I used water-based lube with the GPlug because it is made of silicone. As I’ve mentioned, I’m pretty experienced when it comes to sticking things in my butt so I could insert it with no warm up. It’s 5″ in circumference at its widest point so I wouldn’t recommend you try that if you are moving up from a beginners plug though.


The GRing and GPlug are unusual in that they are the only toys that I have reached completely different opinions of when used alone compared to when used with a partner. With a partner, I think they are awesome; on my own I am bored to death. The only way I can really review the GPlug and GRing fairly is to review them as a couples toy and solo toy separately.

As a couples toy

GPlug packaging
The packaging is wonderful

I love remote control toys because of the possibility of discreet public play. One of my kinks is humiliation and the idea that someone might realise I am using a sex toy makes me blush. My partner and I took the GPlug and GRing out for a walk late one night. With no underwear to catch the plug if it slipped, I was feeling nervous. Thankfully the slim stem of the plug kept it firmly in place.

One criticism we have had with other remote control toys is that my partner hasn’t known which setting the toy is on. The GRing solves this problem by vibrating in unison. The GRing vibrations aren’t exactly quiet so if you are sitting in a quiet place you will be able to hear it, but in the pub or on a street with cars the sound will blend in with other noises. The same applies to the GPlug vibrations but they are obviously more muffled because they are internal.

We really enjoyed using the GRing and GPlug in public, but I think half of our enjoyment came from the public element and the sexual energy between us.

As a solo toy

I was raving about it after we had used it together so I was baffled to find out that I didn’t enjoy it at all on my own. Without the added adrenaline of public play to heighten the experience, the buzzy vibrations felt underwhelming even on the highest setting.

I had even less luck with the GRing. The vibrations were buzzy to the point that wearing it on my finger was actually annoying and I couldn’t get any pleasure from running it over any part of my body. I literally ran it over my entire body and the only place that there was any reaction was when I traced the length of the sole of my foot and my toes curled.

Neither the plug nor the ring will be coming out for solo play in the future.


This has definitely been the weirdest toy/set I have ever reviewed because my opinion of the set is so wildly different depending on whether I am using it as a solo or couples toy. For me, the GRing is only useful as a remote for the GPlug, but I love the fact my partner can know what setting the plug is on because that has been an issue we have found with other remote control toys. The mediocre vibration strength of the plug is perfect for public play because you don’t want to look like you’ve got a bee in your bum, but as a solo toy I need much stronger vibrations.

I think my opinion might be more favourable if the price was lower. At £59.95 for the GPlug and £39.95 for the GRing, I expect a lot more

Positives: Smooth silicone, waterproof, rechargeable, GRing lets your partner know which setting the plug is on
Negatives: Not very strong, buzzy vibrations. The GRing didn’t do anything for me
Who should buy this: People who want a rechargeable remote control anal plug and like weak to medium buzzy vibrations
Who shouldn’t buy this: People who like powerful, rumbly vibrations
Price: The GRing is available for £39.95 and the Large GPlug is available for £59.95, both from Simply Pleasure

This post contains affiliate links. FunToys sent me the GRing and GPlug for free, in exchange for a review, but that has not influenced my opinion.

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