How a Bad Girl Fell in Love

How a bad girl fell in love
If you don’t know who Girl On The Net is, go read her blog now! It’s dirty, funny, witty, and full of “colourful” language. How a Bad Girl Fell in Love continues this style of writing, but it is more than just a series of printed blog posts. It lets you see a side of GOTN that is sometimes hidden behind the ‘sex blogger’ persona.

GOTN is honest, but honesty doesn’t necessarily mean you get the full picture. Writing a book affords her the space to elaborate on things that get pushed aside when writing a blog post. We see a more rounded version of GOTN in How a Bad Girl Fell in Love and to be let into her life like that feels like a real privilege. She’s still the filthy story telling blogger we’ve come to know and love, but we also get to see her vulnerabilities. She’s more human, and I think that makes me love her writing even more.

How a Bad Girl Fell in Love is more like Caitlin Moran’s How to Be a Woman than Fucked: My Sex Life Story1. It gently weaves in feminism so it never feels like it is pushing an agenda, but it is unmistakably there, tucked between tales of porn booth sex and Netflix binges.

I feel a real affinity with GOTN because her kinks are uncannily similar to mine. If your version of kink is more rough and ready than high protocol, you’ll almost certainly enjoy the sex stories in the book. Those who are more vanilla or whose kink profile differs significantly aren’t uncatered for though. It’s not just about sex. It’s about love, life, mental health, friendship and family.

I have to admit that if I didn’t know GOTN’s blog, I wouldn’t have picked up the book because of the title. I’m about the least romantic person you can imagine. My idea of romance is choosing my second favourite flavour pot noodle so he can have his favourite and not complaining too much during hungover morning blowjobs. Even knowing her writing, I was still wary. I don’t want to see someone get their shit together and live happily ever after. I want a story I can relate to. Hot mess finds filthy companion for Netflix and pizza nights sounds like something I might actually have a chance of achieving and, you know what, that sounds a hell of a lot better than a fancy wedding (which I would invariably end up turning up to late and drunk) and changing nappies. It’s a romantic book with love in the title, but it didn’t make me throw up in my own mouth. That’s testament to GOTN’s writing skills.

Just in case it’s not entirely clear, I loved this book! I enjoyed it so much I bought her first book, My Not-So-Shameful Sex Secrets, immediately after reading it.

How a Bad Girl Fell in Love is available at Amazon in both paperback (£6.29) and kindle edition (£3.49)

1Not a real book but you can probably guess the kind of salacious memoirs I am talking about.

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