Kink Craft Nipple Sticks

Kink can often feel far too serious. A combination of the cliched aesthetic and the constant need to out kink others (I see your bruised butt, and raise you a severed arm!) makes me want to run screaming. It’s not that I hate the latex and (p)leather look, I just hate the condescending attitude that sometimes goes along with it.

Kink Craft are putting the playfulness back in kink and giving people a gentle introduction to BDSM. I’m not very crafty at all, but their positive ethos make me want to give their DIY kits a go.

I’ve not been having much luck with nipple clamps recently (like these nipple clamps that wouldn’t clamp my nipples), so when they offered to send me a pair of their nipple sticks to test, I jumped at the chance.

They arrived in a beautiful lilac box, wrapped in pink tissue paper. If I wanted to buy a gift for a kinky friend, I think they would be a great choice because of how they are presented.

Kink Craft nipple sticks

The rods are made of clear plastic and you can choose from seven colours for the ends. I went for purple because it’s my favourite colour (and it matches my bedding).

The nipple sticks are really easy to use. Make sure the bands have been moved to the ends before gently prising the sticks apart at the middle and popping an erect nipple between them. Once in place, slide the bands towards the middle to increase the pressure. I found that if I attached them behind the nipple, on the areola, they didn’t provide much stimulation. This might be a good option for people who prefer gentler stimulation.

To get the pinch I wanted, I placed them directly on the nipple. It was a comfortable squeeze (I could easily wear them for 30 minutes, the maximum recommended time) so if you are looking for more extreme pain there are probably more suitable clamps. I like that they are not too intense because I can wear them for an extended time before play which helps to get me in the right headspace. My nipples are then sensitive so a tweak from my partner feels much more severe.


When the sticks were on my nipples, I played around with them to try increase the pain. By pushing the sticks around like the hands of a clock, I gave myself a nipple twister. That upped the ante, but it was still nowhere near enough to have me calling mercy. I then pulled my nipples away from my chest by the sticks. I was very impressed that my nipples stayed firmly between the sticks.

At £6 (plus £1 p+p) they are cheaper than many other nipple clamps. They seem fairly durable as long as you are careful when putting them on, but I don’t think they will last forever (although I don’t expect a pair of £6 nipple sticks to last forever).

Overall opinion

I’m really happy to have added these nipple sticks to my toy box. They are reasonably priced and I love the playful design. They are the perfect first pair of nipple clamps but I also think more masochistic people can enjoy them as a pre-play sensitising tool.

Positives: Reasonably priced, can choose your own colour.
Negatives: Not that painful.
Who should buy these: Beginners, people looking for a sensitising pair of clamps, people who want a change from the usual black toys.
Who shouldn’t buy these: People who are looking for intense nipple pain.

Price: £6 (plus £1 p+p) from Kink Craft

Alternatives: If you want more intense nipple pain, try these Bondage Boutique Clover Clamps for £7.99 or the Dominix Deluxe Weighted Nipple Clamps for £14.99, both are available at Lovehoney.

I received the Kink Craft nipple sticks for free, in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

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