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I use affiliate links on this website. If you click on these links and buy something, I get a small percentage. It isn’t going to make me rich. It mainly just covers the costs associated with running my blog.

Free products

I occasionally get free products to review. Whether an item is free or paid for, I will always review it honestly. If I have received an item free of charge, I will make this clear in my review.

Using my content

I’m happy for you to use a few lines from any of my posts as long as you attribute it to me and provide a link back to the post.

You can also share any of my posts by clicking the twitter link at the bottom of the article.


I’m not a professional sex toy reviewer, sexual health educator or relationship adviser. I’m just a twenty-something year old woman who spends most of her free time thinking and learning about sex, or having sex. If you want advice about sex toys, sexual health, relationships, getting into the kink scene or anything else related to sexuality, please contact me. You can find me on twitter @screw_taboo or use the contact form here. I’ll do my best to offer advice and provide links to resources that might be able to help.

Would you like me to review your product or event on my blog?

I write sex toy and event reviews for free but it should be noted that all my reviews are my honest opinions and there is no guarantee the review will be positive. For full details of my review policy click here.

Would you like me to write for your website?

Combining skills and experience from working in mental health, a health and social sciences degree and my personal life, I am able to knowledgeably write about sexuality, sexual health, mental health, sex toys and BDSM.

Rates for commissioned articles start at £30 but vary depending upon length and subject. Time permitting, I am more than willing to write free one-off articles for charities.

Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts feature original content written by me and include relevant links to the company website and product pages. I do not offer dofollow links due to Google’s Webmaster Guidance. I will always disclose if a post is sponsored. Rates for sponsored articles start at £30 but vary depending upon length and subject. If you are interested in sponsoring a post please get in touch using the contact form

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