Would you like me to review your product?

If you are a sex toy, bondage, or fetish wear retailer or manufacturer, and would like an honest review of a product, please get in touch. I can be contacted using the contact form or on twitter @screw_taboo

I offer free sex toy reviews in exchange for free products. My sex toy reviews will always be totally honest so if you want a guaranteed positive sex toy review, look elsewhere.

Things I’m very happy to review:

  • Sex toys that are suitable for women (including anal toys) or male-female couples.
  • Bondage items I can review most items that are suitable for a female masochist/submissive/ bottom,  including more advanced products.
  • Events and workshops I’m able to review fetish and erotic events, workshops and classes in London, UK.
  • Books relating to sexual health and wellbeing, relationships, and non-mainstream sexualities (polyamory, BDSM etc).

I’m fairly open-minded when it comes to sex toys and kink, but there are some things I will not review:

  • Anything containing animal products That include obvious things like leather and fur, but also some less obvious things such as honey and beeswax. If you would like me to review lubes, bondage candles, latex shiner etc and aren’t sure if it is suitable for vegans, send me an email with the ingredients and I can let you know.
  • Anything I don’t think I could give a fair review There isn’t much I won’t try but there are a few things I probably wouldn’t be able to give a fair review, including toys for men (toys suitable for male-female couples are ok). If I think this is the case, I will let you know before you send the product to me.

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