Screw Taboo goes on an eroticon adventure!

Eroticon is a conference for sex bloggers and erotic writers. The line-up of speakers this year has totally blown me away so I need to give a huge shout out to Kink Craft who have made it possible for me to attend/eat more than noodles for the month before by sponsoring me.

The conference begins tonight with a meet and greet but I thought I’d add my online introduction anyway.

NAME (and Twitter if you have one)

I’m anonymous but eroticon attendees will find out my real name (please don’t share it online!)
You can find me on Twitter @screw_taboo

What are you hoping to get out of Eroticon 2017?

I see Eroticon as a huge learning experience, and that definitely isn’t confined to the sessions. I’m looking forward to exchanging ideas, knowledge and skills with all the attendees. I just hope that anxiety doesn’t prevent me making the most of the opportunity.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few bloggers in person but I’m hoping to come away with some more friends.

This years schedule at Eroticon is pretty full on but which 4 sessions do you already have marked down as ones you want to attend?

Just four?! I’ve got my whole weekend planned out! If I really must choose…

There is no way I could miss either ‘Obscene Text: Free Speech and the Written Word’ (Myles Jackman) or ‘A History of Erotic Writing and Obscenity in Britain’ (Kate Lister). I write about legislation and have a pretty good understanding of obscenity *cough* but Myles Jackman and Kate Lister are experts. I’m not going to lie, I am totally fangirling.


I’m fascinated by the interpretations of laws, particularly those that were written before we even had the technology they are now being applied to. On a more personal level, I see the Obscenity and Extreme Pornography laws as an attack on my sexuality and sexual expression. I will rant about laws at some point over the weekend. Sorry, not sorry.

‘Auto (erotic) ethnography: Learning about our selves through our erotica’ is another must. The topic of the talk really resonates with me. I often say I see BDSM as psychodrama and I eroticise my fears to make them feel safer.

I’ve been a huge fan of Meg-John Barker since I read some of their research and I only admired them more after reading ‘Rewriting the Rules’. They work at the Open University (where I study) and knowing the OU welcomed their work made me feel confident enough to propose, and then conduct, a mini qualitative research project looking at the healthcare experiences of people who practice BDSM as part of my degree. So basically, Meg-John Barker rocks!

I’ll definitely be popping to one of Kink Craft’s sessions. Andrew and Pixie are so friendly that it would be a crime not to. At the ETO Show I kept gravitating to their stand because it was one place I didn’t feel overwhelmingly anxious. If you consider the fact I had never actually met them in real life before, that might give you some idea of how open, accepting and just plain awesome they are. I also need to work on my flogger making skills. I think I have figured out where I am going wrong. You drink the wine AFTER.

Tell us one thing about yourself that not many people know?

I could tie ballet shoes before shoelaces but I very rarely dance at all now.

If you made the papers, what would the headline be?

A surprise to me! I’m generally fairly well behaved but after a few too many I can find myself in trouble. I’ve been thrown out of at least 6 pubs/clubs in Camden* so maybe: Full House in Pub Ban Bingo for Binge Drinking Bird. It would be in The Sun, obviously.

*All but one when I was 16-18

If you could have one skill for free (I.e. without practice/time/effort) what would it be?

I’d love to be able to speak Japanese but if I could have any skill it would probably be the ability to easily learn any language so I could learn BSL, German, C++…

Complete the sentence: I love it whenโ€ฆ

I can be myself with the people. I am grateful I have people in my life that accept me and my many flaws.

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