Sh! Glow Wirly Girly 2

Sh! are one of my favourite sex toy companies. Founded in 1992, Sh! was the first women’s sex shop. Since then, they have continued to put the individual needs of women first. Whether it has been working with the NHS to support women struggling with sexual dysfunction, hosting Cafe V (a workshop and support group for female survivors of sexual violence), or simply helping women choose the right toy for them, there is no doubt Sh! really care about enhancing the sexual wellbeing of all women.

Glow Wirly Girly 2
Glow Wirly Girly 2

When Sh! offered to send me something to review, I had choice overload. I’m a total dildo addict, but even within that category there were still too many things I liked the look of. Thankfully one of the Sh! team helped narrow it down and I picked the Glow Wirly Girly 2, one of their handmade dildos.

The Glow Wirly Girly 2 is a slim silicone dildo with undulating ribbing along the shaft. It also glows in the dark! You might be wondering why I need a glow in the dark dildo. I don’t, but it’s fun having a glowing wang to wave about. I couldn’t help but be reminded of a Star Wars lightsaber but, as Star Trek is infinitely superior, I’ve been restoring the balance by replacing ‘Bilbo’ with ‘Dildo’ and singing this Leonard Nimoy song all week:

To make the dildo glow in the dark, it needs to be exposed to light. Glow in the dark dildoLeaving it out during the day is one option, but I also found shining my phone torch on it for a couple of minutes was an effective solution when I had left it in the toy box all day.

The Glow Wirly Girly 2 is slender, with a circumference of just 3.5 inches, but it is 5.75 inches long so it isn’t a runt. Being slimmer, it’s great as a first dildo but I also like having smaller dildos to mix things up and force me to do more than just hastily fuck myself, like I do with larger toys.

Using it vaginally

Glow in the dark dildo

Before inserting the dildo, I applied some water-based lube and ran the head of the dildo over my clitoris. The smooth silicone meant there was no drag at all and the fact is a slimmer dildo allowed me to focus my movements around my clitoris in a way I haven’t been able to with larger toys.

When I slowly inserted the Wirly Girly into my vagina, I could feel each of the ribs. It’s a more sensual experience and reminds me of the gentle exploration of my teenage years. Somewhere along the line I got lazy and fell into the pattern of doing the same things to get myself off. This dildo has helped me to slow down and focus on the sensations.

I was surprised by how much pleasure it gave me, both because of its size and because there is no substantial curve. It’s not enough to bring me to orgasm on its own but, by forcing me to take my time, I found I had a more satisfying orgasm than when I bang one out with a larger toy.


This was my first Sh! branded dildo so I wasn’t too sure what the silicone would be like. I am really impressed. It is smooth, has almost no drag at all, and it doesn’t attract anywhere near as much lint as most of my other silicone toys. I’d say it was medium firmness but, as it is slim, it is quite bendy. It’s not so bendy it won’t go where you want it to, but it is flexible.

Using it anally

Using the Wirly Girly anally is where it really stands out. Being slimmer means I can use it with no warm up but, unlike other beginners anal toys, it actually feels fairly filling. If you are a total anal newbie I would recommend using a finger or very slim plug to get used to the sensation, but if you don’t want to do that I still think it is a manageable size as long as you use lots of lube and take your time.

When I was thrusting, I could feel the swirly ribs, both at the entrance and as a varying pressure in the anal canal. As the ribbing is so gentle and the silicone is flexible, I didn’t have any discomfort like I’ve had with some glass toys.

I’ve not used it for double penetration (yet) but I think the combination of the size, flexibility of the silicone and the textured shaft will make it an ideal choice.

One thing to think about if you are using the Wirly Girly anally is that it is white. Accidents are rare but if there was to be a little bit of mess, it would be very obvious which might be embarrassing for some people. It’s not really something I worry about though. If you play in the sewage works…


Cleaning is easy. Although there are ridges, they aren’t deep crevices which makes cleaning much quicker. A little toy cleaner and warm water cleans it up in no time. You can also boil it or put it in the dishwasher on the dildo cycle.

Please, please, please clean it between anal and vaginal penetration!

Overall opinion

The quality of the dildo is excellent and there really isn’t much I can criticise about the Glow Wirly Girly. The only thing that niggled me slightly was that the base is a little overly flexible. I’d prefer it to be a little thicker so I had something to really hold on to. I would also have liked the dildo to be a little longer for deeper penetration, but that’s just a personal preference.

If you are looking for a top quality silicone toy in the UK, Sh! is your answer. They have a bricks and mortar shop in London with super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Alternatively, you can shop online.

Positives: Glows in the dark! Silicone, smooth finish, subtle but effective ribbing on the shaft.
Negatives: The base is a little flimsy.
Who should buy this: People looking for a slim dildo with interesting sensations, people who want a harness compatible dildo, anal beginners, vaginal dildo newbies.
Who shouldn’t buy this: Size queens and people wanting an extremely firm dildo.

Price: £36 from Sh!

Alternatives: If you want a glow in the dark dildo that’s a little longer and thicker, try the Glow Dildo Cupid 3 (4.7 inch circumference). If you want a slim silicone dildo that’s a little cheaper, try the Lovehoney Lifelike Lover. If you want to try something completely different, check out the Countess Clit Dildo from Sh!

I received the Glow Wirly Girly 2 free, in exchange for an honest review. I didn’t have any affiliate links when I wrote this but I do now. That doesn’t affect my opinions. My enthusiasm for Sh! is simply because they are great.

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