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Tantus kindly sent me both the Tantus Slick Small and the Tantus Slick Large dildos to review. I was excited to try out the Slicks as I only have one other Tantus dildo (the Curve, which I love). Unfortunately, the Tantus Slick Large didn’t live up to my expectations. This isn’t the fault of the dildo, it just doesn’t suit my anatomy. I did, however, find the Tantus Slick Small to be perfect for anal play.


The Tantus Slick dildos are “real feel” dual silicone, with a firm core and squishy outer layer. I really like this combination as it provides a more realistic feel while maintaining the firmness I personally prefer in a dildo.

Tantus slick large and small
Tantus Slick Small and Large

The silicone is pretty sticky but it isn’t a lube hog. It does easily pick up fluff but I keep my dildos in a plastic sandwich bag between uses which solves this problem.

Using the Tantus Slick Large vaginally

When I thrusted with long strokes, the popping of the head into and out of my vagina felt uncomfortable. The shift in size from the shaft to the bulbous head is too much for me, especially as it is quite firm. The best way I found to use the Tantus Slick Large was to insert it and make small side to side and thrusting motions. That tickled my G-spot but it was more frustrating than arousing.

I tend to look for either G-spot stimulation or a feeling of fullness in a dildo. The Tantus Slick Large fulfilled neither of these criteria. The straight body meant G-spot stimulation was very inaccurate, and at just over 5 inches around the head and 5 inches about an inch from the bottom (which is the most length I could insert) I didn’t feel much of a stretch.

Tantus slick large
The Tantus Slick Large boasts 7.8 inches of insertable length, but I could only manage about 6.5 inches and that was putting pressure on my cervix. I’ve never really understood why anyone would need a dildo that is longer than six inches unless they have a particularly long vaginal canal but I think I might finally understand it. Pushing the dildo against my cervix gave a very different kind of stimulation, especially when I held it in place with some force. It hurt but I’m a masochist so…

Using the Tantus Slick Large anally

It isn’t anywhere near the girthiest toy I have used anally but the combination of the shape and firmness meant it was uncomfortable. Once again, I found the popping sensation on entry and exit to be unpleasant.

Using the Tantus Slick Small vaginally

The Tantus Slick Small is a much more manageable size, with a circumference of just under 4 inches and 5.8 inches in length. Like the large Slick, it has a bulbous head. My pubic bone makes using straight bulbous toys vaginally a pain, literally. I find this is more pronounced with larger toys so I can use the smaller Slick. Despite being able to, it still isn’t the most comfortable toy for me to use so it doesn’t come out of the toy box for vaginal use.

Tantus slick smallUsing the Tantus Slick Small anally

Everything I hated about the shape of the large Slick became a positive when I used the small Slick. The smaller overall girth meant the popping sensation on entry and exit became pleasurable. It was enough to notice and enjoy but not so extreme so as to be painful for me. The smaller Slick is a little less rigid so it was easier to bend to my anatomy.


I use warm water and sex toy cleaner to clean my toys. The lack of grooves makes cleaning the Tantus Slick Large a doddle. Tantus uses high quality silicone which means their dildos can also be bleached, boiled and put in the dishwasher.


I can’t fault the material, packaging and quality but the Tantus Slick Large and I did not get on. The things I hate about it will probably be the things other people love though. If you like the popping sensation of a bulbous-headed toy being inserted and removed from an orifice then the the Tantus Slick Large is perfect. Mine, however, will be staying in my toy box.

Tantus slick largePositives: Excellent quality, silicone, easy to clean
Negatives: The popping sensation upon entry and exit was uncomfortable for me.
Who should buy this: People who like bulbous heads. People who want length, enjoy cervical stimulation and like subtle G-spot stimulation might enjoy the Tantus Slick Large. People who prefer smaller toys with bulbous heads might like the Tantus Slick Small.
Who shouldn’t buy this: People who prefer intense G-spot stimulation, people who like a gradual increase in size.
Price: $89 but receive 15% off your Tantus order with the discount code SCREWTABOO15
Alternatives: If you don’t think the shape would suit you, you could try the Tantus Curve.

This post contains affiliate links. Tantus sent me the Slick dildos for free but that has not influenced my opinion. 

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