Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Butt Plug Set

I love glass and I love to stick stuff in my butt, so this set was always going to be a winner. What I wasn’t prepared for, however, was for one of the plugs from the Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Butt Plug Set  to become my most prized piece of glass.

Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Butt Plug

Glass is one of my favourite materials. I love the effortless way it glide into any orifice and the unyielding firmness. In addition, it is body safe, compatible with any lube, easy to clean, and suitable for temperature play. It’s a Jack (off) of all trades.

Black Plug

My photos don’t do this plug justice. It’s beautiful. Forget diamonds, this is the only ring I want on my finger. The finger loop allowed my partner to accurately control the depth and pace, even with slippery fingers. It also gave me something to hold on to when I was cleaning it (I realised that AFTER I’d dropped it in the sink).

At 4 inches in circumference, it isn’t intimidating but if you are new to anal play, you are probably best warming up with the clear plug. I’ve had more things in my butt than I’ve had hot dinners so I didn’t need any warm up. I just applied a little dab of water-based lube (Sliquid) and the plug slipped right into place. Being glass, there is no give but the shape feels like it was made to fit my body.

The packaging
The packaging

The forward-facing curve is designed to stimulate the P-spot but it also stimulates the vagina through the anal wall. For me, there is something deliciously sweet about the tease and build up of indirect vaginal stimulation. With my partner repeatedly removing and reinserting the plug, first slowly and then much quicker, I rapidly became an incoherent mess.

After that, we tried leaving it in while we had vaginal sex. The firmness and curve of the glass provided a different experience to using a silicone dildo. My partner also said it felt good because he could feel it through my vagina.

When I used the plug stood up, cuffed to the wall, I clenched to prevent slippage. This led to pleasurable sensations, but I don’t actually think I needed to clench so hard. It seemed very secure. I was quite surprised by that, as I expected the weight to make it hard to hold on to.

A few days later, I decided to try using it to stimulate my G-spot. I was pleasantly surprised with how well-suited it was, considering it isn’t really intended for vaginal use. Making slow rocking and small side-to-side motions felt fantastic, but it wasn’t quite enough to make me orgasm on its own. When I added clitoral stimulation, however, my orgasm was intensified.

I can’t think of a single fault with this plug. It looks good, feels good, and didn’t even break when I dropped it in the bathroom sink. If you are worried about borosilicate glass breaking while in use, that should allay your fears. When asked which toy I want to use anally, this plug is now always my top choice.

Clear plug

Unfortunately I can’t recommend the clear plug as highly. I used it during combined vaginal and anal masturbation and, although it did feel good, I had to keep one hand on the plug to keep it totally inserted. If I didn’t, only two of the beads remained in place.

The plugs come with velvet storage bags
The plugs come with velvet storage bags

It got even worse when I stood up. There was not a chance it would stay in place. I suspect this was caused by the short stem between the bottom bead and the base. A longer stem would have been much better for me.

As a warm up plug, it is fairly good. The gradual increase in bead size makes it a good choice for beginners.

Overall opinion

I adore the black plug but the clear one was underwhelming and is unlikely to come out of the toy box again. Despite being unimpressed with the clear plug, I’d still recommend the Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Butt Plug Set for the black plug, but only if it is available for £20 or less.

Positives: Glass! Can be used for temperature play, body safe, compatible with all lubricants, easy to clean. The curve of the black plug was perfect for me.
Negatives: The clear plug wouldn’t stay in place.
Who should buy this: Glass lovers, people who like firm anal toys, and anal beginners.
Who shouldn’t buy this: People who like a little give in their toys and people who only enjoy large toys.

Price: The Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Butt Plug Set is available for  £29.99 at Lovehoney.

Alternatives: If you want one with a similar shape to the black plug you could try Icicles No 46. If you want one similar to the clear plug but with a longer stem, try Icicles No 47. If you are looking for something completely different, this glass butt plug with a faux fur tail.

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I received the Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Butt Plug Set from Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.


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