What I wish was in my toy box

Hi, my name’s Screw Taboo and I’m a sex toy junkie.

No matter how many toys I buy, I always have my eye on another. When I first started buying sex toys I went for the cheapest I could find and amassed a collection of low quality toys. Now I’m focusing on quality, the rate at which I acquire toys is slowing.

My BDSM toy collection is looking a little forlorn though. I had a partner with his own well-stocked toy box so I didn’t focus on building up my own. Now I’m single, I intend to fix that.

How I afford my sex toy habit

Being a sex toy junkie isn’t cheap, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Whether you’re on a low wage, a student, unemployed or unable to work due to ill health, there are ways of being able to afford good quality toys.

It isn’t very rock n roll but….budgeting is key. Work out what is absolutely essential and where you could save a couple of pounds. Rent, bills and food are obviously essentials but you might be able to save a bit by changing energy suppliers, reducing your energy usage, buying cheaper brands or buying in bulk.

After the essentials come the luxuries. It’s always a trade-off, it’s just about working out what is most important to you. Could you take a packed lunch? Are there free events you could go to? Do you really need new clothes? By watching what I spend, I am able to have a £15 monthly sex toy budget. For more expensive toys, I combine a few months’ budgets.

When you’ve set a realistic budget, it’s time to track down offers to make the most of your budget. Offer codes have got me 25% off luxury toys like the Njoy Pure Wand.

So what’s next on my list?

Things I intend to buy:
Snap-N-Spank paddles
-Silicone paddle
-Wartenberg wheel
-House of Eros Beech Bruiser
-Violet wand

A few people have mentioned including a wishlist on my blog. While I love gifts as much as the next person, people work hard for their money and I feel a bit funny accepting gifts when it isn’t really for any reason. If you do want to send me a gift, it will be gratefully received but you can also support my blog by clicking the links and adverts and buying yourself something.  Check out the offers page to see if you can grab a bargain and I’ll get a small percentage.

My wishlist

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