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Why would you want to go to adult sex education?

The state of sex education in UK schools

UK porn laws

HIV: Don’t live with ignorance

Relationship anarchy

Knicker Rocker Glory

A-Z of Adult Sex Education AKA What You Wish They’d Told You Earlier…

Cara Sutra

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Combining skills and experience from working in mental health, a health and social sciences degree and my personal life, I am able to knowledgeably write about sexuality, sexual health, mental health, sex toys and BDSM.

Rates for commissioned articles start at £30 but vary depending upon length and subject. Time permitting, I am more than willing to write free one-off articles for charities.

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I write sex toy and event reviews for free but it should be noted that all my reviews are my honest opinions and there is no guarantee the review will be positive. For full details of my review policy click here.

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